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"David Downing gives us Vilkatis, the story of a traveler on a mission to slay a werewolf that has been terrorizing a village. This is one of a series of stories apparently, and you do get the impression that the hero has a bigger and more interesting background than your standard wandering vigilante. This background and the brief details of village life make it an engaging read."


"…a handbook on how to tell a story over a round of ales. The voice used to tell The Dragon Princess is friendly and warm, much like that of a tavern barkeep making friends with his customers. It welcomes you to the tale and speaks to you so nicely that you just have to keep reading. … well paced and filled with tiny but lavish details.."

PAUL ABBAMONDI, Tangent Online


"Kalat has a mysteriousness about him, the lone wandering warrior. …The imagery is vivid… a good tale with an iconic charm." 

MARSHALL PAYNE, Tangent Online


"David Downing's Samga has well defined characters… the story moves along briskly and flows smoothly. …thoroughly engaging and recommended."

NICOLE McCLAIN, Tangent Online


A Place That Never Was:  "…everything in this story is lush, evoking childhood memories. Readers glimpse the world the girl sees, and it recalls a time when they had a world no one else could visit and friends only they could see. …Well worth the read."
NICOLE McCLAIN, Tangent Online


Awakening: "David Downing's tale of courage is a short but meaningful entry that isn't actually overshadowed by its moral." 

PAUL ABBAMONDI, Tangent Online


A Song of the Aelves: "the story paints a clear picture of the town, its denizens, and the events in the song … well written… find something good to take away from it."
NICOLE McCLAIN, Tangent Online


Tiama: "works as a short story … captures the essence of the plot well … the story lends itself well to the conclusion … A good story with a worthy moral ending and that earns its top billing."
 JOHN OTTINGER, Tangent Online


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