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...and welcome to the website for author David R. Downing.


Some say that I live a dual life – mild mannered laboratory informatics professional by day; fanatical writer by night. We may cross paths with me frantically typing away in some lonely hotel lobby, airport waiting area, or cramped airplane seat. I travel frequently for my day job and it is often while I am on the road that my better efforts surface.


I received my first break with my short story “The Dragon Princess” in The Sword Review and have since had a handful of stories published in the magazine. I have managed to have several fantasy short stories published in various magazines and anthologies. Five stories were published in 2016, four in New Realm, and one in Under the Bed magazines. One of my stories was featured with a cover illustration for The Sword Review, and another received an Honorable Mention in the prestigious Writers of the Future contest. In 2018, my story “Afriti” appeared in Flame Tree’s Agents and Spies collection, and my 2019 story “Black Widow” is featured in Rouge Blades Entertainment’s Crossbones and Crosses anthology.

My first novel, "Veil of Vengeance" is represented by Trident Media Group of New York City. The novel introduces a mysterious agent named Kalat, and the secret organization that guides his dark and bloody path across unknown and unknowing lands. Veil of Vengeance is complete and ready for some lucky publisher to select it for publication.

All this is a result of a decision to devote my spare time while on the road to putting down on paper (well – electronic bits actually) some of the stories that keep floating through my head.

Oh, and in my spare time I've also managed to turn my hobby of collecting “Historical Military Miniatures”, okay – they are toy soldiers, into a reasonably profitable eBay business. Check out my store on eBay or at and of course, feel free to purchase anything you like. ;-)

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