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Welcome to the Web presence of author David R. Downing. I hope you enjoy your time here, get to learn a little about me and some of my stories, and catch a glimpse of what drives my writing. Enjoy!

Kalat's song was sharp and staccato. It was a melody set to the sounds of blood splashing on sand, of the gurgled groans of the doomed, and of lifeless bodies being dragged into hiding.


Kalat played his song with horrible efficiency, directing his weapons like a maestro commands the orchestra. The notes of his song were defined by the trail of unfortunate victims who unwillingly played the fatal melodies.


The chorus was echoed by the thud of poison dart, the crunch of the chokehold, and the ringing of Kalat's razor-edged blades.

Kalat's song was the song of death, and once the first note had been struck none could stop it from being played out.

A few of my stories...
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