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Prayers For The Executioner

"Your journey is a long one, and your path is dark and often lonely, but such is the journey that you have been given.


You are a man of your word, not one to turn aside from the task, never one to leave your duties to others, always one to complete what must be done. From such a man much is expected, and on such a man much depends.


Know yourself K'. Know that you are that man. For such is the one for whom I wait, and I would have no other."


- Melista



Kalat. In the old language the name could mean a covering; a cloak. Some say that it meant protection. Most knew him as The Executioner and it was a title well earned in the dark halls and black alleys that marked his bloody path across unknown and unknowing lands.

Kalat's song was sharp and staccato. It was a melody set to the sounds of blood splashing on sand, of the gurgled groans of the doomed, and of lifeless bodies being dragged into hiding.


Kalat played his song with horrible efficiency, directing his weapons like a maestro commands the orchestra. The notes of his song were defined by the trail of unfortunate victims who unwillingly played the fatal melodies.


The chorus was echoed by the thud of poison dart, the crunch of the chokehold, and the ringing of Kalat's razor-edged blades.

Kalat's song was the song of death, and once the first note had been struck none could stop it from being played out.

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